If you’re feeling the heat to grow your business through innovation, imagine proceeding without the most powerful tool to grasp consumer motivation and attraction!

Our insights tap the unconscious, emotional world that drives customer decision-making. We disclose the inner logic and strategic consequences of these emotional aspects of your business.

Specifically, we’re discussing the increasing relevance of neuromarketing research to explain human experience and behavior.

Neuroscience is already changing the way business is conducted, products are designed, and how ads are tested.

We believe that the astonishingly high failure rate of new product offerings (90%) is about to drop dramatically. Why?

Because we’re beginning to understand the gap between what consumers say and what they do.

Applied Iconology is on the forefront of these developments, monitoring and integrating insights to increase the performance of your high-stakes communications — from upstream concept to packaging, merchandizing and advertising.

We understand and implement the central finding of neuroscience: that rational choice occurs after an initial emotional response and investment.

We are dedicated to uncovering the nature and quality of that emotional investment, and using this insight to direct the strategy and tactics of effective visual communications.

Our proprietary interviewing techniques isolate the key emotional elements that activate consumer interest in your category, brand or offering.

We model your customer’s unconscious engagement using Emotional Scripts, a validated technique that enables you to reach and honor your customer’s motives, and steers you away from
triggering unintentionally negative associations.

Emotion, logic, strategy.

In an increasingly competitive business landscape you need to leverage as many aspects of value as possible. We deliver insight, strategy and tactics for enhanced, deep connections with your customers.


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